Benz Insulation Services WA has built its reputation on quality and performance.

Recognizing that time is money and the final deadline of every project is critical. Benz Insulation Services WA is always willing to do that little bit extra to ensure time critical programs are met with a quality build, ensuring customer satisfaction.

With a level of staffing ranging from 15 – 25, and excellent supplier relationships, we are able to offer extremely fast and competitive service on both long-term projects and short-term repair and emergency works.

Benz Insulation Services WA Pty Ltd was formed in June 2015. The new company registered an Employee Enterprise Agreement with Fairwork Australia and all employees were transferred over to the new organisation complete with all entitlements. Benz Insulation Services WA Pty Ltd (BISWA or Benz WA for short) is 100% owned by Bob Bollen and completed all outstanding obligations of the previous entity.